Why You Should Start a Blog in the New Year

Blogging has huge potential. It can not only be a platform for creative expression but it can also be a means for a person to earn money online.

Since the new year has just begun, this article will revolve around the main reasons why you should start considering putting up your own blog.

Means of Gaining Profit

This is probably the most common reason why people start a blog nowadays. By utilizing search engine optimization and a couple of monetization schemes, blogging can be a great way for you to earn money from home.

For instance, you can have Google Adsense place relevant banner ads on your blog to gain a profit every time someone clicks on the ad. When I say ‘relevant’ ads, I mean that the ads that are posted on your blog are related to the main theme of your niche.

Aside from that, you can also delve into affiliate marketing. This is where you gain a sizable audience and work with partner merchants to gain commissions. As a blogger, you will be tasked to create high-quality articles while also embedding links to your partner merchant’s websites and every time someone makes a purchase using the URL you’ve provided, you will earn a percentage commission. The percentages differ depending on the affiliate program.

The stories that you’ve heard about people earning millions of dollars through blogging are true, but for you to get there, you need to be prepared to do the necessary legwork.

A Place for Self-Improvement

For some people, blogging can be a great avenue for them to express themselves, as well as a means of creative self-expression. For me, I actually loved blogging not because I was able to pour my thoughts into writing but it is somewhat cathartic.

You see, the main reason why I started my own blog was that I was heartbroken by my previous last relationship. You could say that I’ve put my heart and soul into it but it just didn’t work out.

I’ve tried everything that would have helped me move on: Drink too much alcohol, eat unhealthy foods, wallow in my sorrow, and all other destructive things you can think of. However, blogging was the only legitimate thing that I can do that didn’t destroy me. If anything, it fixed me. It helped me improve my social standing since I am no longer shy when talking to other people.

You may have a different story than mine, but blogging is definitely a platform where you can improve yourself even further.

Give Something to the Community

Did you know that you can actually teach others something by just writing about your own experiences? This thing is known as vicarious learning and a blog can help you put the word across distances.

In fact, I’ve had a couple write to me saying how my blog posts have helped them save their marriage as I, too, have struggled with my previous relationships. Little did I know that my painful past can be something that can help other people.