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Why Website Uptime Monitoring is Important Now More Than Ever Before

When you are looking for the best hosting provider, one of their main selling points would be something to the extent of 99% server uptime.

Server uptime, in the IT industry, means that the server has operated 99% of its lifespan. Since a server ‘hosts’ many websites, if it goes down, all of the websites on its database goes down as well.

Website uptime monitoring, then, is just a means of seeing how long your website has been up without any downtimes. This is important because, in the online world, even a few seconds that your website is down could mean a huge loss of revenue.

Today, I am going to talk about why website uptime monitoring is important now more than ever before. But first, let me talk about why websites go down in the first place.

Why Websites Go Down

Websites, no matter how optimized they are, can go down at any time. Here are the possible reasons:
Scheduled Maintenance- As much as hosting companies want to run their servers all of the time, there will be instances where server maintenance is in order.

  • Traffic Spikes– This is considered as the number one cause of why sites go down. Traffic spikes are sudden surges in internet traffic that may prove to be too much for your hosting company’s servers. That is why it is vital that you go with a company that runs powerful servers across the board.
  • Hackers– People with malicious intent can also be the cause of website downtimes. They can steal your credentials, inject malicious code, and they can even initiate massive DDoS attacks as well.
  • Poor Code– Some websites are poorly optimized in the backend. If that is the case, you’d want to hire a web developer to iron things out.

Why Your Website Should Be Up at All Times

A lot of people might think that I am being overly cautious or that I am too panicky when it comes to talking about the said topic, but there are real reasons why your website should be up at all times.

Think of your website as you would a brick and mortar store. If you had a favorite brick and mortar shop before and it was closed without disclosing the reason, how would you feel? That feeling that you feel when that happens to you is also the same feeling that your customers or audience would feel if they are unable to access your website.

In addition, Google and other search engines may also penalize you for it. They use search engine spiders to scour the internet for websites and they will know if your website is always down or not.

Lastly, your brand’s image will also be negatively impacted as well.

Use Website Uptime Monitoring Tools Today

Now that you know the importance of server and website uptime, it is now time for you to use website uptime monitoring tools today.
Some of the most noteworthy websites that you can visit that has all of the tools you need are,, and, to name a few.