Benefits of Organic Chicken

Chicken, the one of versatile sources of protein and can come in many forms. Appear in many types of dishes and cuisine. Whether you prefer your chicken diced, shredded or even dried. It still tastes as best as new and the protein still sealed to the fullest inside the chicken. You can take a lot of benefit by consuming organic chicken. Why should we eat organic chicken?

What is organic chicken

For the introduction, organic chicken does not contain harmful hormones that were injected by farmers such as preservatives or nonorganic additives. Depending on what the farmers feed the chicken. Organic chicken contains more omega 3 which is essential to human body growth and development. Other than that, organic chicken is much safer and has less risk of having salmonella in it rather than usual farmed chicken. Salmonella is actually a dangerous bacteria that causes food poisoning and also could cause fatality.

Does it taste different

Moreover, some people said that organic chicken tastes better than non organic chicken. But also people argued about this and claimed that it just tastes the same. Whatever it is, we all know for sure that organic chicken is much safer and healthier. The taste actually depends on how we cook. Not because the chicken is organic or not.

For your information, we can not simply use the terms ‘organic’ to our products. We actually need to follow USDA regulations. This is why it could be the benefit of organic chicken because they provide the information about the product and we do not need to be worried about it anymore.

The benefits

Besides that, consuming organic chicken actually prevents you from spreading antibiotic resistant bacteria. As you might know, farmers regularly injected antibiotics to the chickens to make their weight grow with added food and keep the digestion healthy. It may sound good but actually it encourages the spread of antibiotics resistant disease because of the injection to them.