7 Helpful Breast Pumping Tips Young Moms Must Know

1.Buy your breast pump before your baby arrives.

Chances are, you already shopped for baby milk bottles and baby bibs in Malaysia. However, don’t forget that you also need to purchase your breast pump ahead of time. If you have an insurance plan, check what it offers to future moms like you. Many insurance plans provide free breast pumps.

2.Understand all your breast pump options.

The best breast pump for you would depend on a number of preferences and needs. As you know, different women need different kinds of breast pumps. Do you need an open system or a closed system? See to it that you know the differences before heading to the store.

3.Come up with a DIY breast pumping bra.

There is no doubt that a hands-free breast pumping bra can save you tons of time. If you are a busy career mom, never forget this top. This will enable you to get things done while pumping. Just take one of your oldest sports bras, and then slash holes where your nipples are. You can use this instead.

4.Bring additional clothes if you are pumping while at work.

Always bring extra clothes for breast milk emergencies. Spillage can happen anytime.

5.Use mild nipple creams.

Moms who are pumping several times a day may suffer from cracked nipples. Fortunately, nipple creams exist, and can be of great help. Many brands develop creams which are safe to use and safe for infants to digest. There is no need to wash your nipples before nursing.

6.Massage your breasts.

A breast massage can initiate a healthier and more productive pumping routine. Plenty of breast pumping techniques focus on getting more milk. Massage your breast to maximize breast milk production.

7.Think about your little one.

Thinking about your baby in a loving way can help encourage breast milk production, and pumping easier. Watch cute videos of your child. Some moms even watch their babies crying, and it helped.

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